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Postby this_charming_girl » Tue Apr 17, 2007 6:04 pm

Well, as the title sugests,i went to manchester, and i loved it sooo much! its so incredible and naturally i went for a Smiths night at the Star and Garter :D :D need i say how incredible it was so dance to smiths and moz for 5hours solid??!! and with one belle and sebastian song too, which was exciting! lots of fabulous moz lookalikes too!

i also got totake a picture of the moz mozaic and for those who havnt seen it, wow its so big and lovely heres a picture -

anyways, i recommend everyone should go to Star and Garter and some point, i wish i could go to it every month, though i plan to go to Kisisng just for practice - the B&S night soon. :D

anyone else been to it???
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