'Vauxhall And I'

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Postby chrisarclark » Tue Nov 09, 2004 9:28 pm

why don't you tell us why too...
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Postby elko » Wed Nov 10, 2004 1:01 pm

Now My Heart Is Full, not for any particular reason other than it's fantastic. A close second would be Speedway.
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Postby girl_afraid » Wed Nov 10, 2004 7:47 pm

Yeah, Now My Heart Is Full. It's an absolutely beautiful song with great lyrics too (as always!), and Morrissey's voice just soars. One of his best solo songs, if not the best. I'm absolutely addicted to Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself at the moment too, so that would probably be my second choice.
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Postby Still Ill » Sun Nov 14, 2004 5:48 am

Yes, Now My Heart is beautiful in the the truest sense of the word. For the longest time, however, it was Lazy Sunbathers. Just how his voice sounds on the song, very lazy like he can't be bothered; simple lyrics thay convey a lot.
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Postby patrick » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:21 am

Now my heart is full. Just one of his best songs
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Postby lisa_lee » Sun Nov 21, 2004 7:38 pm

Now My Heart Is Full, also with Speedway a close second. Reminds me of a lot of bad times, in the best possible way.
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Postby Alabaster Crashes Down » Tue Nov 23, 2004 8:15 pm

it used to be 'lifeguard sleeping' but now it's 'now my heart is full' i didnt like it on first listen, but it grew on me.

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Postby chrisarclark » Sun Dec 05, 2004 8:41 pm

"Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself"

perhaps my favourite song off perhaps my favourite album. im not sure why this song resonates with me so much, especially the first two verses [the last does bring it home for me]. ijuste think everything about the song works so unbelievably perfectly- the lyric, the vocal, the music, the production- it juste the perfect song.
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Re: 'Vauxhall And I'

Postby Pashernate_Lover » Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:38 am

"The Lazy Subathers" because (weird answer, I know) before I left Melbourne I was hanging out with my Mancunian friend and she said that she never wanted to go back to England, that she would rather stay in Australia and be a 'lazy sunbather' and now that song has special significance to me :)
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Re: 'Vauxhall And I'

Postby Truman Capote » Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:58 pm

Well I find it so painfully hard to choose one song, but I absolutelly LOVE this line:

But now you only call me when you're feeling depressed
When you feel happy I'm so far from your mind...
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