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Postby Marcz » Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:22 am

Your favourite track: Late night, Maudlin street

Your "worst" track: Is there any ????????????

Best lyric: All the break up the familly lyrics are brillant

Song/lyric/line you relate to most/has relevance to you: Everyday is like Sunday always gives me a big thrill. It's not only the lyrics but the voice of Morrissey. I always picture myself in autumn and wonder what now ? On the other hand the tune is so great that life easy goes on

Overall opinion of album, how it compares to others, etc.: My first encounter with the Smiths/Morrissey world. Doesn't matter how good the other Morrissey / Smiths albums are, this one will always be the first one, and the best ? Probably. Viva Hate is the one i have listened to 100 times before getting something new from the Manchester four. I was hypnotized. Music is on the edge, the voice is at its peak, the sound and textures are unique and i got with them a basket full of memories. This album is my fountain of youth.
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