Joyce and Rourke DJ stint

What have the rhythm section been up to since The Smiths?

Postby Still Ill » Mon May 10, 2004 4:42 pm

Saw Mike and Andy in San Diego in April. And with the upcoming Morrissey concert I would be going to (his 2nd show of the tour, Anaheim), it would be the closest I would come to see the Smiths. Though a first generation Smiths fan, unfortunately I didn't get to see them, in what was their only San Diego appearance. Imagine the thrill for me then! The Smiths tribute band SATH played, first song played was Barbarism, one of my favorites. It was a great show. After the 1-hr set, the band introduced Mike and Andy. The clapping went on forever. They spun records for the next 2 hours, Andy stayed behind the floor-level booth, and Mike would come out to the dance floor to dance with everyone. He was jumping up and down steadily as Andy played 'pump it up' by Costello. It was great. He is so personable , posing for photos and chatting. Andy was more reserved. Got my t-shirt signed by both, my sister even gave me her Smiths ticket stub (SHE got to see them), which they also signed. Some guy got his whole Smiths catalog with imports and bootlegs I imagine, 2 big boxes worth (protective sleeves covering all his albums) signed throughout the night. Serious collector! What a night!
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Postby elko » Mon May 10, 2004 4:50 pm

Sounds good!
I have heard that Rourke is the 'quiet one', the least ego-driven of The Smiths.
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