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Postby chantelledemicoli » Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:11 pm

Hello to all my fellow Smith admirers.

I have written a script for a student film for my dissertation piece. As you all may be aware, finding information (correct) about the beginning of the Smiths is difficult to come by. I would appreciate any help in collecting this information. This film will be as accurate as i can make it, and will refere to the music rather than the personal lives of the band. I would appreciate any accounts of early gigs, meetings, early fan clubs societies etc, personal meetings, memorabilia, clothing anything realy.

I am also looking for young Morrisey impersionators as well as the whole of the Smiths. I am looking to cast these parts in the film. We also need tribute band to record and play their music which will be on the sound track.

Filming will take place up in Manchester/Mansfield. From end Feburary for at least 3 weeks.

If any one can help me with this it would be great to involve everyone whom is passionate about them.

Please email me on for any information you may need or questions.

Many Thanks
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